Three Tales “A Miracle of Timing” ★★★★

Ensemble BPM’s Three Tales, conducted by Nick Sutcliffe, played to sold-out houses at the Science Museum’s cavernous IMAX Theatre, which boasts a 408m² screen and 12,000 watts of digital surround sound.

The production was conducted by Nick Sutcliffe and directed by Matthew Eberhardt. The opening performance on 22nd April 2015 marked the centenary of the first use of chemical weapons in warfare.


“A truly remarkable concept – get yourself to see it”
Sean Rafferty’s In Tune, BBC Radio 3


“In this absorbing event, featuring musicians from Nick Sutcliffe’s Ensemble BPM and the singers of Synergy Vocals performed Reich’s score meticulously in sync with video artist Korot’s fractured images on the Science Museum’s IMAX screen.

…Reich’s pulsing score, with its vaguely militaristic twin snare drums, twin pianos, rippling vibraphones, slashing strings and spooky voices, cast its spell.

With its absorbing synthesis of music, sound and image, Three Tales adds an emotional, almost mystical flavour to this complex narrative.”
David Cheal, Financial Times ★★★★


“This “video opera” by the husband-and-wife team of Steve Reich and Beryl Korot has been seen before in Britain, but not with such a visual wham as that provided by the Science Museum’s giant IMAX screen.

… and resonate the music does, in an admirably precise and spirited performance by Nick Sutcliffe’s Ensemble BPM, backed by Synergy Vocals and the Ligeti Quartet…

Three Tales remains a powerful protest, brilliantly harnessing different media.”
Richard Morrison, The Times ★★★★


“Kudos to the pioneering young group… a miracle of timing from Ensemble BPM and its musical director Nick Sutcliffe… Three Tales deserves a special place in music-theatre history”
David Nice, The Arts Desk ★★★★


“A truly immersive treatment”


“A marriage of science and art… Nick Sutcliffe and his performers showed admirable control and poise throughout the proceedings, creating some magical musical textures from their machine for making music.”
Planet Hugill ★★★★


“A kind of sensation-surfeit that reflects the scary speed and import of technology, while echoing visual arts – a genuine and overwhelming Gesamtkunstwerk, whatever you think of Reich’s music.

The music was assiduously performed by Nick Sutcliffe with Ensemble BPM, Ligeti Quartet and Synergy Vocals.

I certainly liked it a lot more than the desperately apologetic girl, saying to the companion she’d dragged along ‘I’m so sorry…’ on the way out.”
Robert Thicknesse, Opera Now


“…performed at the Science Museum’s IMAX theatre, with a poised Nick Sutcliffe at the helm… Three Tales is a dynamic and highly-dramatic force”
Fringe Opera


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“A truly remarkable concept – get yourself to see it”
Sean Rafferty’s In Tune, BBC Radio 3

“An incredible production”
Resonance FM


“A superb performance… an impressive achievement”

Bachtrack on Anaïs Nin


“Under the musical direction of Nick Sutcliffe, the young Ensemble BPM, joined by the Ligeti Quartet, put in a concentrated and vivid performance. A bold and impressive achievement indeed…”

The Stage on Three Tales


“Brilliant, utterly, totally, undeniably brilliant”

TCS on Three Tales


“One hell of an ensemble… a remarkable musical performance”

Varsity on Three Tales


“Slicker than an oil spill”

Cambridge Tab on Three Tales

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